The SecurityPunx Manifesto

Punk rock music and skateboarding culture taught me two very important lessons about life: the first is that you should never believe anything at face value; look underneath the surface for its authenticity before you buy into any idea. The second is that you’ll always be an outlier initially; your thoughts and ideas will be greatly misunderstood at first because you constantly think outside of the box, yet with enough tenacity and effort, others will eventually come around to your way of thinking if you can make your case well enough through action and persistence. The third is that you should always have sort of goal fixated in your mind and to never stop throwing yourself at that goal until you walk away either broken or in victory – only setting yourself up for your next accomplishment.

The Punk ethos has served me well, especially in the area of information security; never trust and always verify. In order to gain any sort of legitimacy in the punk world, it must be 100% authentic or else you’ll be labelled a poser – a fake or fraud. Since I was a kid, I learned that if you’re not your true self 100% of the time, you’ll constantly feel a sense of paranoia and uncomfort because not only YOU know you’re being a fake but your peer group will definitely call you out and rip you to pieces. In the world of Punk and Alternative music culture, authenticity is as important as breathing and the culture and its adherents will stop at nothing to ensure that it will always be that way.

In skateboarding, style and progression are the two elements that matter most. The way you perform certain tricks will gain you legitimacy and respect while progression shows that you not only care about the art form in which you are attached but you care enough to add to the “lexicon” by creating more tricks to evolve it beyond its present limitations.

How does all of this tie into Information Security? Simple. A healthy mixture of punk rock skepticism and attitude coupled with the creativity and progression of skateboarding equals a person or culture that doesn’t buy into the manipulation of “hackers” who want nothing more than to mislead us or the public-at-large with inauthentic motives – the antithesis of what punk culture stands for.

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